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Toby R Meltzer MD, PC - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Toby R Meltzer MD





1. Poster: Society of Head & Neck Surgeons Annual Meeting
May 3,1991


2. Lecture: Traumatic Hand Injuries, Advanced Hand Therapy Symposium
Taulity Community Hospital, Hillsboro,Oregon
October 16,1992


3. Lecture: Breast Cancer Surgery Reconstruction
Good Samaritan Hospital, Corvallis,Oregon

November 13, 1992


4. Paper: Reconstruction of Defects of the Head and Neck Region
Using Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer Techniques

Northwest Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting Couer d'Alene, Idaho



5. Lecture: Breast Reconstruction Surgery, Breast Cancer Symposium
Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland,Oregon
April 17, 1993


6. Lecture: Reconstructive Surgery following Skull Base Tumor Resection
Oregon Skull Base Conference, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon

May 18, 1994


7. Lecture: Cricothyroid Approximation

Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association

September 1997


8. Lecture: William Grabb Lecture
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

September 2000


9. Lecture:  Aesthetic Refinements of the Secondary Labiaplasty

Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association

November 2001





Use of Dextran for Prevention of Microvascular Thrombosis

Medical Research Foundation of Oregon, $11,803




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